Life Skills is a program developed in cooperation Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in Ukraine. This program was initiated to meet the needs of children who are aging out of orphanages. In Ukraine, it is the norm for children to leave orphanages and rehabilitation centers as young as 14 years of age.Most of these children have never had the opportunity to learn such things as self-identity, social skills, managing money, preparing for a job and developing healthy relationships. Life Skills addresses these areas and many more using the principles found in God’s Word as a foundation. The entire curriculum consists of 10 modules with 50 90-minute lessons.In keeping with our vision of activating the ministry of others, we are training Ukrainian nationals to teach these lessons. Requests to attend these trainings is phenomenal. The participants are from cities and regions throughout Ukraine. They are psychologists, directors, orphanage staff, volunteers, ministry leaders, university instructors, teachers, and parents. They represent government agencies, non-government agencies and a variety of ministries.By 2009, LAMb International trained over 600 trainers to take this critical curriculum out to orphanage and schools. It is presently being used in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. It has been sent to Thailand for translations. Just imagine, a biblically based foundation for an entire nation of children!In addition to its use in orphanages, Life Skills can be readily adapted for use in other countries for both orphanages, street children programs and schools. We also believe this program can be modified to address the needs in venues such as rescue missions and transitional housing facilities. We look forward to exploring these opportunities as God opens the doors.Program descriptionThe program consists of 10 modules. Each of the modules has 4 to 7 lessons totaling up to 48 – 90 minute lessons. The module topics include:

  • Identity (who am I and how can I develop each part of my personality)
  • Social Skills (how to relate to others, manage conflicts and use good manners)
  • Health and Hygiene (nutrition, hygiene, bad habits, first aid)
  • Love and Sex (respect in friendship and girls/boys relationships, the purpose of sexual relationships and their possible consequences)
  • Gift of Marriage (things to consider before you agree to get married, way to express love and deal with disagreements in marriage)
  • Raising Children (how to create a family, be a positive parent and know child’s needs, dermatogens)
  • Homemaking (food shopping and cooking, taking care of your home and clothing, hospitality)
  • Time and Money Management (what life costs and how to budget; how to manage time)
  • Job Skills (profession orientation, how to find and keep a job, the risk of human trafficking)
  • Legal Rights (human rights, orphan’s rights, law and the consequences of its breaking).

The program teaches children practical skills and is based on Christian worldview and values.Becoming a Trainer: Contact us and we will help you bring this program to your organization or country. We have materials in English and Russian. In addition we have materials with and without scripture references in order to accommodate countries where there are religious laws prohibiting religious material.