Sharing Your Faith Fearlessly is a seminar designed to help Christians share their faith.

We believe that everyone should be able to comfortably share the gospel message with all non-believers. It is both a command given to us by Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20) and beneficial to each believer (Philemon 1:6).

The techniques offered in this course provide a framework for believers to communicate the truth of the gospel in a simple, honest, and non-threatening conversation. Sharing Your Faith Fearlessly is based on the ministry of William Fay, author of Share Jesus Without Fear. William Fay is an evangelist well known in the United States for witnessing his faith. He is, by his own testimony, a sinner saved by grace.

Since becoming a believer, Fay has had the privilege of sharing his faith on a one-to-one basis many thousands of times. Through these many encounters, he has developed an easily-learned process of engaging people in conversations about spiritual beliefs, introducing the gospel message, and allowing the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

Sharing Your Faith Fearlessly is a 3-5 hour class which utilizes a variety of interactive techniques including:

  • • Video presentations
  • • Demonstrations
  • • Discussions
  • • Role-playing
  • Practice scenarios

Barriers to witnessing are discussed and techniques for overcoming them are demonstrated. Whenever possible, this seminar is followed up by the entire class taking to the streets, a mall, or other venue to put their new-found skills into action.

Sharing Your Faith Fearlessly is an excellent resource for:

  • • Youth Groups
  • • Senior Ministries
  • • Singles Groups
  • • Men’s and Women’s Ministries
  • • Cell Groups
  • • Home Bible Studies
  • • Or Entire Congregations!