New Image

LAMb International is proud to be a supporter of New Image Ministry in Managua, Nicaragua. LAMb Team Member – Jenna Dollin leads this portion of the ministry.

Who We Are: New Image is an organization based out of Managua, Nicaragua. Founded in 1998 by Helen Goatley of New Zealand. Helen wanted to create a comfortable environment for victims of sexual exploitation to meet together to share their stories and to receive education on alternative sources of income.

What We Do: New Image works to transition the victims of sexual exploitation into new, safe lifestyles. New Image takes a personal approach to forming relationships with participants in their programs by providing moral support and fellowship. As the women attend weekly gatherings they can make their own decision if they desire to stop working in the commercial sex industry, knowing they will have a support network found in New Image. The women receive one-on-one mentoring from other women who have been rescued from the commercial sex industry.

The Facts: Prostitution is the only source of income for appox. 2,000 women in Managua, Nicaragua. The majority of women work on the streets and in brothels. Many of these women have violent, painful histories of sexual abuse, rape, physical assault, and homelessness. Often, the family meant to protect them are the instrument of violence and abuse.

Our Future goals: New Image is a small group of extremely dedicated individuals working around the clock to support victims of the sex industry. There is so much potential and need for New Image to grow in range and capacity. New Image is looking for a larger location to rent for meetings; a full time counsellor to have on staff and more income is required to buy supplies for re-training the women.