Dayspring Family Life Resource Center

Tokmok Kyrgyzstan


The work of ministry for LAMb International at Dayspring Family Life Resource Center has progressed over the years.  The home opened with parents and seven little girls.  To date five of these little girls have either been adopted or reunited with birth families.  This is the success we wanted to demonstrate – children who come from a hard place still need families and with work – some families can receive their children home again.

In addition to the children noted above, many other children have been reunited with families due to the work of the Dayspring team.  Dayspring is dedicated to the following:

  • Adoption and Reunification
  • A commitment to education for all our youth – presently have youth in university and college
  • Working with Crisis Families to keep children at home with their parents
  • Language development – English, Kyrgyz, Russian, German and Chinese
  • Life Skills to prepare for adult living and interdependence
  • Being available for those girls leaving the orphanage at grade 9 and need a place of permanence
  • And More!

Present Need – One adoptive home for a 13-year-old girl.

Yes, Dayspring is our family type home to bring stability, love, nurturance and hope to young girls – who otherwise might be left in an orphanage or without support and alone – we are committed to be the support for them as they become all that God has planned for them – as a hope and promise!