Our Tier One Leadership Training is a certified course that offers biblically sound and practical principles and methods to equip men and women to recognize and become active leaders in the ministry in which God has called them.

This is accomplished through a 30-hour curriculum presented in five 6-hour or ten 3-hour modules. A wide variety of topics are covered and specific action plans are employed. This series has proven itself beneficial to individual participants and to their churches. Participants must attend all thirty hours to receive a certificate of completion.

Who Should Attend:

This Tier 1- Leadership Series is for all leaders and those who want to step out into leadership. It is for the lay worker, the pastor, the teacher, the ministry director, business person and the group leader.


“Leadership remains one of the glaring needs of the church. People are often willing to follow God’s vision, but too frequently they have no exposure to either vision or true leadership.” – George Barna


To equip saints to step out and lead; understanding that leadership is nothing more than influence and obedience to God as we walk as the salt and light of the earth.


  1. Leaders will become aware, know and understand the Biblical foundation and challenges of leadership.
  2. Leaders will know how to apply the Biblical principles of leadership to their own activities within the church.
  3. Leaders will know and understand the challenges, which face individual growth today.
  4. Leaders will know and understand their own personal leadership style, work style and learning style and how those styles impact leadership today.
  5. Leaders will be able to apply leadership strategies and techniques to their activities in the church which will be catalysts to others developing personal leadership skills.
  6. Leaders will understand submission, the church covering and God’s ordained order for leadership.
  7. Leaders will know the important principles for developing a small group or study and will be able to apply these principles in developing small group activities.

Certification Course Schedule:

Session 1: Key to Leadership: Leadership Overview & Challenge

  • What is Leadership?
  • Who are our models?
  • How do we get it?
  • Where can it lead us?
  • What are my own leadership strengths and needs?
  • Introduction to the Cycle of Woundedness.

Session 2: Test of Leadership: Spiritual Readiness to be a Leader

  • Interpersonal Communication Styles Inventory.
  • Knowing yourself and your “followers.”
  • Situational Leadership Assessment and Implications.
  • Spiritual Readiness and Wholeness of a leader.
  • Readiness to Lead.

Session 3: Part 1- Developing Others: Facilitation Skills

  • Developing Helping Relationships
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Implementing Helping Techniques
  • Breaking the Cycle of Woundedness

Session 4: Part 2 – Developing Others: Curriculum/Small Group Design

  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Group Development Stages
  • Group Design Elements
  • Group Leadership Strategies

Session 5: The Cost of Leadership: Self-Discipline, Secular vs. Christian Worldview

  • Developing a personal plan based on identified gifts and skills
  • Ministering to others
  • Finding the leadership role meant for you

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