What Is LAMb International Leadership Challenge?

Leadership Challenge consists of a two-part training designed to encourage, challenge and activate Christian leadership. It has been uniquely developed to accommodate international groups by considering culture differences, language challenges and translation issues. It is assumed that the training will need to be paced to meet the different audience needs, understanding and abilities. Personal testimonials have shown it to be beneficial to individual participants and to their churches.

Part 1: Key to Leadership

Part 1:Key to Leadership will help people who want to discover, expand and learn how they can serve as leaders in their own church, ministry or community. This part challenges the leaders to consider the role of a leader, the readiness of leading and the potential challenges they might encounter. A critical part of the Part 1: Key to Leadership is the Action Plan and accountability commitment for each participant to implement the information and skills acquired in this training.

Part 2: Leadership Principles

Part 2: Leadership Principles introduces even more leadership information and skills. Furthermore, it presents personal and situational challenges to assist the leader in further development. These challenges help leaders progress from awareness of leadership roles to better implementation of learned principles and techniques. A final step in this session is to leave with a concrete Action Plan with personally identified accountability points.

Throughout the series, participants will complete different assessments in order to discover their own personal styles related to communication, work, learning and leading. Participants are given the opportunity to explore different options for leadership. This is an interactive curriculum focused on the adult learner. There are many different methods and technologies used to engage and challenge the learner; lecturettes, small group activities, large group activities, case scenarios, role-plays, and various media such as flipcharts, power point slides, and handouts.

The full two parts, Part 1: Key to Leadership and Part 2: Leadership Principle, are designed to cover each one of the competencies listed below and develop them as the two parts are completed. It is recommended that the Part 1 be delivered first, followed by Part 2 within one year. It is also recommended that whenever possible, participants commit to both .

Target Audience

Leadership Challenge is designed for groups outside of the United States and Canada, particularly non-English speaking audiences. It’s two-part curriculum is designed for situations that are time-limited to one or two days. Participants are all those who want to step out into leadership. It is for those who are new to leadership, as well as individuals who are aware of their own personal influence and are interested in expanding their leadership skills and abilities. This includes individuals who are small group leaders, mentors, pastors, and lay leaders.


“Leadership remains one of the glaring needs of the church. People are often willing to follow God’s vision, but too frequently they have no exposure to either vision or true leadership.” George Barna

“And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ…” Ephesians 4:11-13 NKJV


To equip saints to step out and lead – understanding that leadership is nothing more than influence and obedience to God as we walk as the salt and light of the earth.


  1. Leaders will become aware, know and understand the Biblical foundation and challenges of leadership.
  2. Leaders will know how to apply the Biblical principles of leadership to their own activities.
  3. Leaders will know and understand their own personal leadership style, work style and learning style and how those styles impact leadership today.
  4. Leaders will be able to apply leadership strategies and techniques to their activities in the church which will be catalysts to others developing personal leadership skills.
  5. Leaders will understand submission, the church covering and God’s ordained order for leadership.
  6. Leaders will know the important principles for developing a small group or study and will be able to apply these principles in developing small group activities.

Course Schedule Leadership Challenge

Part 1- Key to Leadership
Session 1: Overview & Challenge

  • • What is Leadership?
  • • Who are our models?
  • • How do we get it?
  • • Where can it lead us?
  • • What are my own leadership strengths and needs?

Session 2: Test of Leadership:

  • • Interpersonal Communication Styles Inventory
  • • The Great Commission
  • • Readiness to Lead.

Part 2- Leadership Principles
Session 1: Test of Leadership Spiritual Readiness

  • • Knowing Yourself
  • • Breaking the Cycle of Woundedness
  • • Situational Readiness

Session 2 – Developing Others

  • • Personal Learning Styles and Implications
  • • Group Development Stages
  • • Group Design Elements
  • • Group Leadership Strategies

Session 3: The Cost of Leadership: Self-Discipline, Secular vs. Christian Worldview

  • • The Costs of Leadership
  • • Spiritual Growth
  • • Finding the leadership role meant for you.