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SENIOR DAY WAS SO SPECIAL TO ALL OF US…Our team went to Kemin and to Iskra for the day of honouring the seniors. This blog is just about Kemin. We sang, danced, had a time to eat together and just enjoy company of each other. Our seniors are always so happy when we come to visit them. There are 25 living at Kemin at the moment and about 35 who attend daily for meals. What a change from the beginning.

The community is beginning to see the benefit of the home and have started to help in little ways. People come to see what they are doing – and even the local authorities have said there is some chance the building could become permanently theirs – we are just holding our breaths. As you know when the government gives you a building to USE…and you make improvements – things begin to get complicated sometimes. This is the case here – there is a person who wants the building and is putting pressure on the village to sell it to them. However we believe it is on holy ground and protected for our beautiful seniors. Pray for this protection to continue.

So much improvement has taken place over the last couple of years:

So many rooms painted
Lots of flooring put down
New beautiful chairs for the dining room
A little chapel made upstairs
Complete heating system installed including a brand new coal furnace and brick furnace room
Repairs on doors, windows
Gardens planted
Lots of beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows brought in
Cupboards for crafts and supplies installed
New stove and new refrigerator
Lots of dishes, flatware, knives, pots and pans
Clothing, socks, boots, coats and sweaters delivered
Vitamins delivered (always need more)
Craft items delivered
Coal delivered year after year
Lots of music, videos given

ON AND ON. It is beginning to be a

What is next? We desperately need a fence around the property to keep out animals from the gardens and to keep out vandals who have seen the improvements and are looking to destroy. The fence is started, we just need a little more help to complete it. Just $3000.

We thank you all for making seniors your priority….you have really made a difference.


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